Click on Image to Open the VFR Manual

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Before you start
some helpful hints

Clicking the image on the left will take you to the VFR Manual Preface.
It contains a summary of the Changes coming into effect with each update of the manual.
It also contains a Feedback link, and two links to the AIS Website briefing section. One link targets the NOTAM currently in force within Nicosia FIR and the other targets the Light Aviation Bulletins.

To the left of the preface is the manual Menu.
It is an expandable list of the Three Parts of the manual, the Appendix, both in HTML format and the VFR Manual in PDF format.
Once a part of the menu is expanded, if a section of it is observed in blue text, means, that section can be further expanded with additional Sub-sections.

Once a section of a part is open you will notice on the top-right corner of the HTML page the Changes functionality.
The changes functionality is a checkbox that once checked will highlight the insertions(GREEN)/deletions(RED) of data effective with the current update. It will also alert you with the number of insertions/deletions effective for that part of the manual.

Text in a section surrounded in a green border means, if hovered, it will offer an explanation of Abbreviated text or display a small graphic of a TWY or Holding position referenced in that section.

Some features of the manual may not work properly if you are using an old browser (such as Internet Explorer 8).